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This guide will help you to to get your first SA-MP server up and running with your own SampSharp game mode. In this guide we will asume you are using Windows and will be using Visual Studio to develop your game mode.


Before we get started, you'll need to install the following things:

Installing the SampSharp plugin

Using the following instructions you can install the SampSharp plugin and configure it for running your first game mode.

echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 0
rcon_password SuperSecretPassword
maxplayers 50
port 7777
hostname SA-MP 0.3 Server
gamemode0 empty 1
announce 0
chatlogging 0
onfoot_rate 40
incar_rate 40
weapon_rate 40
stream_distance 300.0
stream_rate 1000
maxnpc 0
logtimeformat [%H:%M:%S]
language English
plugins SampSharp

Creating a game mode project

It is now time to create your first game mode project. To make things easier, we've created a template for getting started with your first game mode. You can download the SampSharp Templates for Visual Studio from the Visual Studio marketplace webpage or using the extension manager in Visual Studio.

You have now successfully created your game mode! In order to start your game mode with your server, you need to change some properties in your project.

Creating a launch profile

By clicking the 'Start Debugging' button in Visual Studio, you will now start your game mode in your SA-MP server

Start Debugging your project

Choose your framework

SampSharp provides two frameworks for creating your gamemodes, SampSharp.GameMode and SampSharp.Entities. You can choose to build your game mode on top of one of the frameworks. Using the instructions above, you have created a SampSharp.GameMode game mode.

Both frameworks are fully featured and provide tools, types and functions for using all functionality provided by SA-MP. They also provide tools allowing you to easily create player commands.


SampSharp.GameMode is the first framework created for SampSharp and has been availble since the early days of SampSharp.


You can create a SampSharp.GameMode game mode using the 'SampSharp Game Mode' project template.


The SampSharp.Entities framework has been created to solve a number of issues which could make life more difficult with SampSharp.GameMode.


You can create a SampSharp.Entities game mode using the 'SampSharp ECS Game Mode' project template.