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Your game mode class is your main SampSharp class. Every SA-MP callback is turned into a C# event by SampSharp and can be found within your game mode class. Functions which are normally run from within your OnGameModeInit callback in Pawn, can be found as methods within the game mode class. You can create a game mode class by creating a class which inherrits from BaseMode. In general, you should only have one class which inherrits from BaseMode.


The initialization of your game mode should generally be handled from within the Initialized event. The easiest way to add behaviour to this event is by overriding the event invocator, OnInitialized.

public class GameMode : BaseMode
    protected override void OnInitialized(EvenArgs e)
        // Call the base implementation of this method. The base implementation handles calling the Initialized event.

        // Handle your game mode initialization here.
        SetGameModeText("My game mode");
        // ...