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In development mode, SampSharp runs in a separate process from the samp-server, which allows you to stop and start the game mode as much as you want during development. This does however hit server performance quite badly. Running SampSharp in production mode is much better for your server performance. In production mode SampSharp runs the game mode inside the samp-server process. In order to run SampSharp in production mode you need to download the 32-bit (x86) version of .NET Core.


Prerequisites (Windows)

For Windows you can simply download a 32-bit (x86) edition of a recent version of .NET Core Runtime. Make sure to download the .NET Core Runtime binaries, you do not need to download the installer! You can download it from the .NET Core download page.

Prerequisites (Linux)

Microsoft has not yet officially released 32-bit binaries of .NET Core for Linux. A pre-build a version of the 32-bit .NET Core Run for Linux which can be downloaded from this website.

Talk about releasing an official buid is ongoing on GitHub

Installing the SampSharp Plugin

Download the latest SampSharp package (SampSharp-*.zip) from the SampSharp releases page on GitHub and copy the contents of the folder to your SA-MP server directory. Update the server.cfg file to include the SampSharp plugin. See Getting Started for an example configuration file.

Configuring SampSharp

Extract the .NET Core Runtime binaries into a dotnet folder in your samp-server directory. Create a gamemode folder in your server directory where you can store the binaries of your compiled game mode. Add the following values to your server.cfg file:

coreclr dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/2.2.6
gamemode gamemode/MyGameMode.dll

Please note the version number in the coreclr path may differ depending on the version of the .NET Core Runtime you have downloaded. Also please make sure the gamemode path matches the path to your game mode.

After adding your game mode binaries to the gamemode folder you should be able to run the samp-server.

Publishing your Game Mode

In order to compile and gather all required files for your game mode you can use the publish function of dotnet. In Visual Studio, open your project and select Build -> Publish MyGameMode. Select the gamemode folder from your server (or some other folder) and hit Publish.