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If you'd like to help SampSharp by improving or adding to the documentation, you are more than welcome to! Don't hesitate to press that edit button! The documentation website has an edit this page on github link next to the title of every page. All you need is a (free) github account.

Markdown Syntax

The documentation is written using the markdown language. If you need help with the markdown syntax you can find a great guide here. Keep in mind that the documentation website might parse the markdown slightly differently as github might do, but generally all markdown syntax which works on Github will work on SampSharp's website as well.

Page Layout

Every page should start with an index with every paragraph on the page. The links should start of with a hash (#), followed by the lowercase name of the paragraph. For example, the index of this page looks as follows:

- [Contributing](#contributing)
- [Markdown Syntax](#markdown-syntax)
- [Page Layout](#page-layout)

If you need any help, feel free to send an issue.